White Persian Melon Iced Tea

White tea is one of the newest tea trends in the United States. The tea itself is far from new. Tea drinkers in China have been fans of white tea for centuries. However, very few people outside of Asia knew there was such a thing as white tea. Nowadays, the word is out, and it seems that those who have been introduced to this tea variety have nothing but good things to say about white tea. It has been predicted than once more people America have gotten acquainted with white tea, it will become “the” tea for everyone to enjoy.

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The reason that most people have never heard of white tea is that for a time, it was relatively rare 養生花茶.. And, only those who have made it a priority to learn more about tea realize that all varieties come from just one type of bush, which is called the Camilla Sinensis tea bush. Tea is made from the leaves of this bush, and once picked, the leaves can be processed in different ways to create different types such as green, oolong, or black.

Black tea is made from tea leaves that have been crushed, partially dried, and then fermented. Green tea is made from leaves that are not fermented at all, but simply allowed to wilt just a bit and them steamed dry, rolled, and heated one final time to set the flavor. Oolong teas can be thought of as the middle tea. The leaves to create this variety are just partly steam dried and fermented.

Very little processing is done to the leaves to create white tea. In fact, white tea is probably the least processed variety of tea made. It is made from immature, young leaves that have not even fully developed yet. The leaves are hand picked before their buds are fully opened up, and are still covered with a silver colored downy fuzz. This fuzz turns a white color after the leaves have been dried, and this is where the name “white tea” is derived from.

There are several varieties of white tea, and these are based on how many leaf buds are mixed in with the tea leaves. Some have more buds than leaves, and some have more leaves than buds. The variety that is called White Peony contains one bud for every two leaves. The white tea, Silver Needles, is made entirely from buds that can only be picked during two days in the early spring. If the buds are picked at any other time, the tea is not considered to be the Silver Needles variety.

White tea has a very interesting, naturally sweet taste, and the aroma can be described with only one word – exquisite! White tea should appeal to those who claim that black tea is too strong in taste, and green tea is too “grassy” and “raw”. It is best to prepare white tea in a similar way to how green tea should be prepared. You definitely do not want the water to be too hot when making white tea, for these leaves are quite delicate. Boiling hot water will actually cook these leaves, and make white tea have a taste that is not at all pleasing to the palate.

One of the reasons why white tea has grown so much in popularity in the United States are reports of the health benefits from the consumption of it. It is said that white tea has more antioxidants than green tea, and can also help strengthen the immune system. There is talk of white also having the ability to help prevent cancer, heart disease, and high cholesterol readings.

Many people who are fond of white tea do not realize how absolutely delicious it can be when prepared and served as iced tea. A variety of white tea known as White Persian Melon is one of the more delicious varieties. It has more flavor than plain white, and an added bonus in the form of the goodness of melon. All varieties of melon are full of antioxidants, too.

Combined with the antioxidant power of the white tea alone, White Persian Melon iced tea may well be just about the best tasting and the best for you in existence. The type of antioxidant contained in White Persian melon iced tea is a little different from the ones in plain white tea. The melon antioxidants can cause our bodies to produce antioxidants of their own, necessary for healthy body cells and damage to existing cells.

It is very easy to prepare White Persian Melon iced tea. Simply prepare the tea as if you were making hot tea, only make more than one cup, of course! Sweeten if desired while the brew is still hot, and allow the mixture to cool before pouring it over ice. Enjoy!

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