Why Infants Need Educational Baby Toys

When a baby comes into the world it cannot really do much. A baby cannot lift its hand to touch its nose, a baby cannot focus on small objects. As the infant develops in the first year it will require different types of toys to stimulate and encourage the development of many skills.

The good thing is that most baby toys on the market are in and of themselves educational toys. Toys to teach things like sound, vision, auditory and physical sensations. These toys work to build on the baby’s very small collection of references and contexts.


To begin with, a baby’s first skill would be sight. A baby does not see the world as we do 嬰兒玩具店, they are still developing their ocular muscles and their brain has got no points of reference or ways to understand what they are seeing.

 There is debate as to what a baby can see, some experts mention they can only see black and white, and some say they can see bold primary colours as well. Either way, a good place to start is books with big bold lines with heavy contrast and big on colour. Fine lines, water colours and muddy images will be of no help to a baby, they need simple images that are easy to focus on.

As they move closer to turning one, they will become fascinated with mirrors and will more easily be able to make use of board books with bright colours.

Toys with strong colours will appeal as will mobiles and wall stickers.


A baby can hear most sounds, in fact they can probably hear more than most adults because over time we lose the ability to hear certain frequencies. So babies are often frightened by loud noises and delighted by unusual noises in toys. Rattles containing a little bell are great for baby. Telling stories and singing to baby is a wonderful way to engage them. There are some great toys available that provide a whole selection of noises for baby to experiment with such as crinkly, clicking, tinkling and swishing.

Introducing music to babies is also a wonderful way to introduce them to the beauty of sound. Classical music and nursery rhymes on CD will be handy at bedtime while sing-a-long CDs are a great alternative to TV.

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