Yeast Infection: Effective Ways to Reduce Yeast Infections

1.4 million women will experience vaginal yeast infections every year in the United States.The incidence of yeast infections seems to be growing, yet it is often looked upon as a common ailment that is endemic to women. Many men suffer this same infection and it is just as painful and inconveniently located as for women.

Our bodies are covered inside and out with fungal spores. There is a bacteria, lactobacilli that helps to keep the fungus candida in control. When the balance of lactobacilli is low there is an overgrowth of the candida fungus that we recognise as a fungal infection.

Typically infections are addressed with the home remedy of colloidal silver 1100 PPM, but untreated it is best to see a health care practitioner for a prescription.

What is a Yeast Infection?

When your body produces too much yeast it often results in an infection. Since yeast is common in or on the skin, penis, mouth and vagina these are areas where a fungal infection can occur (although there are generally more incidence in women than men).

How Yeast Grows

The vagina helps prevent the growth of yeast through a caustic (for the yeast) acidic environment. This environment can be altered negatively by menstruation, as well as the use of birth control pills, diabetes and certain antibiotics. These agents work to lower the acid normally found in the vagina. When this happens, yeast, which is common in the vagina in small amounts, can find an atmosphere for rapid growth.

The use of synthetic materials in underwear or lingerie can also contribute to yeast infections by trapping moisture which keravita pro also creates an atmosphere conducive to excess yeast production.

Why Yeast Infection Occurs

Ph balance in the body is the key. Yeast is prevalent in the body at all times. Fungal infections will occur when the acid ph of the body is lowered. The immune system regulates the acid balance in the body. Your diet is the leading factor to help the immune system keep a healthy balance. The body has a healthy ph of 6.4 (when measuring urine or saliva), the further away, greater or lower, from this natural reading you have, will cause greater disease and illness such as these fungal infections.

Stress is one of the largest causes of unbalanced ph readings in the body. Blood ph is higher than body ph. Injury, overweight, antibiotics and birth control pills all alter the natural ph of the body. Fatigue is often overlooked as a stress factor. Your ph reading does vary slightly through the day but should average 6.4 for the day.

What Not To Do

Some may be following advice that is actually harmful, so it is important to know what has been offered in the past as an effective alternative that will not help cure a yeast infection, and may actually accelerate yeast growth or do long term damage to the vagina.

You should never use baking soda in attempting to cure a yeast infection. Baking soda has a high ph causing the yeast to proliferate.

You should never use Echinacea in your attempt to cure a yeast infection. While it may be good to take orally as a means of reducing the effects of a cold, when vaginally inserted it can cause acute burning sensations.

You should also never use bleach in eliminating the effects of a yeast infection. Bleach can actually burn vaginal tissue and result in scarring.

You should avoid douching because it reduces normal and healthy vaginal secretions by drying out the vaginal surface.

Effective Ways to Reduce Yeast Infections

Reducing grains, sugar and most processed foods from your diet can also help reduce available yeast in your body.

Raw vegetables are not only good for you, they can help combat yeast infections

The persistent use and regular washing of either cotton or silk intimate apparel is also an effective way to reduce the incidence of yeast infections.

Nature’s Assistance

Acidophilus is a culture that contains plenty of good bacteria and can help your body fight a yeast infection. It is also a primary ingredient in most yogurt.

Colloidal silver has also proven successful for many women due to the fact that this supplement is highly effective in eliminating more than 650 diseases.

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