You Can Still Play Online Poker in the United States

A lot of the casual poker players in the United States currently don’t think that they can play because of what is going on with the gambling act in the country. Although it isn’t currently regulated there are millions of players in the USA right now who are playing online poker with some of the biggest rooms on the internet. Both Full Tilt and Poker Stars allow players from the USA to play poker and they have a range of depositing methods for you too use.

Quite a few of the websites currently aren’t accepting players from the US until they fix the problems with the current gambling act in place. Your options are going to be limited, but at least you can still play with the biggest poker rooms on the internet stillDewa Poker. The best deposit methods for players to use in the US are currently NetTeller and Moneybookers as they allow you to fund your account using a third party service.

Most poker rooms also accept credit cards and e-checks which is like sending an online check from your bank account. It’s recommended that you use one of the third party services though if you would like to stay more anonymous. Recently there was a policy website set-up by the US government which asked the citizens to submit policies that need looked at and changed. Online poker was the number #1 policy that needed changed in the technology category and it ranked amongst the top of all the policies along with healthcare and the environment.

There is a lot of pressure on the Obama administration right now to change the current gambling act so that it would allow all of the poker rooms [] to accept US players. The game would then become regulated and the players would need to pay taxes on their winnings which would be a win-win for players and the country as a whole.

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